The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt’s Online Training Service (OTS)

Highlights of the Program

  • Over 6,500 Egyptian employees and jobseekers have been trained in IT and professional skills
  • Over 40,000 certificates awarded to date, with a satisfaction rate over 90%
  • Individuals develop personal skills:
    • improving their efficiency in the workplace
    • increasing their competitiveness in the job market
  • Organizations can improve their employees’ skills by:
    • opening an administrative account
    • monitoring employee training and performance

A Short History of the Egyptian Project

Phase 1 of the Egypt project

 Phase 1: 2005 – 2008

  • CyberLearning partnered with the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt’s Business Information Center (BIC) to launch the OTS program in December 2005
  • CyberLearning provided over 200 heavily subsidized IT, business development, management, and desktop computing courses open to all Egyptians
Phase 2 of the Egypt project

Phase II: 2008-Present

  • CyberLearning partnered with the BIC in 2008 to provide online training to customers outside of Egypt, in both the Middle East and Africa
  • CyberLearning began to offer training for standardized tests so students can widen their opportunities for higher education

 What the Corporate Managers are saying:

“We have ordered the Business Writing Skills course for all our Admin Assistants. The Online training concept was very attractive in terms of not having to leave the office to attend the training and at the same time working at our own time and pace. OTS proved to be very beneficial that we continue to encourage our employees to check if there are any more courses they could take. In addition, the staff experienced a sense of accomplishment by receiving a certificate for the courses that is recognized by Amcham. I would recommend this service to anyone and would be happy to redo it again.”

– Marwa Badr, HR & Admin Manager, Microtech

“My staff and I have enjoyed OTS very much that I even enrolled more people in it. The courses are very entertaining as well as interactive and the service covers courses in all disciplines that accommodate my staff whether in customer service, Finance or HR. Also, I really appreciate the fact that I don’t need to follow up what courses have I finished, how will I get my certificate and others. With OTS, they follow up on me with regular notification emails that I find very satisfying.”

-Manar Wahid, HR Manager, Novotel 6th of October

What the Press is saying:

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