National Education Foundation Program in India

Affordable Fee for world-class IT (5,000+ courses), Business (650+ courses), Office/Soft Skills (1,500+  courses) and Certifications (200+) packages, with Certificates from the State University of New York (SUNY), the largest university in the USA.

 Dr. Appu Kuttan’s Quotes for a Healthier & Happier Life

”Instilling the love of learning in our young children, and helping them to develop a healthy mind-body-soul nurturing lifestyle from a very young age will lead to a better world.”

“Quality education and healthcare are basic human rights.”

Daily exercises as well as yoga and meditation can make you healthy & happy.”

”Nurture your mind by thinking positively and creatively, nurture your body by eating healthy, and doing physical activities you enjoy, and nurture your soul by being caring, compassionate, loving and giving —you will find true happiness.”

”Time is an important resource. Use it wisely!”

 “To stay healthy, avoid the 4 S’s, namely Sugar, Salt, Saturated fat (eat healthy ones from nuts, fruits, vegetables, fish, etc. and Stress (manage it)”

“If you practice compassion consciously by putting yourself in the shoes of others, you will have better relationships leading to happiness.”

“The more you give, the more you receive.”

“People who make lots of money have a moral and ethical obligation to help the less fortunate.”

”Think of the human body as a fabulous system with billons of cells working in harmony. When all these cells work well, you can experience health and happiness.”

”Today, we live in an inter-connected world. There is the view of global, rather than national economies. What happens in America or Europe or China or India affects people everywhere. We talk about global economy and global warming.”

“Remember the 4 P’s for success – Purpose, Plan, Passion and Perseverance.”


Indian President Dr. Abdul Kalam greeting
Dr. Appu Kuttan, NEF Chairman

“You are helping to empower tomorrow’s leaders. I salute you for your ongoing commitment.” – USA President Bill Clinton

AICTE Chairman Meets NEF India and State University of NY Teams 

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Help make India the Global leader in providing 21st Century STEM+ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Business, Soft skills) workforce by 2025 via  MISE (Million Indians STEM Education) program.

NEF Team

Dr. Appu Kuttan


Dr. Kuttan has been an advisor to many national and world leaders, including three US Administrations — Clinton, Bush and Obama, U.S. Congressional leaders, Indian Prime Ministers (in helping to make India a global IT power in the 1980s, and in helping to make India the leader in 21st century skilled workforce now) and Mauritius Prime Minister (on transforming Mauritius into an IT-focused nation). He is also the author of many innovative concepts such as MBS (Management By Systems), CyberLearning, Total Tennis, Win-Win-Win, Happy Executive, Holistic Executive, Kuttan Preschool (Mind-Body-Soul Life Style Development), and acclaimed books such as “From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity,” and Happy Executive – Nurturing Mind, Body and Soul. He is a Philanthropist who donated most of his personal funds from the sale of the World-famous Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy to the National Education Foundation (NEF). Described as a “Dedicated Difference Maker,” he has won several awards including the 2006 Global Digital Literacy Champion, and the 2011 University of Wisconsin Distinguished Achievement Award. He has been a mentor to many people, including world tennis champions Andre Agassi, Monica Seles, and U.S. Presidential Honoree Roger Kuttan.

Prof. Anthony Betrus


Prof. Tony Betrus, a national expert in digital education system, is a professor of Educational Technology at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Potsdam. With funding support provided by NEF to SUNY Potsdam, Dr. Betrus, Tony and his team implement the NEF CyberLearning STEM+ Academy Total Solution programs in the Nation’s schools. Tony and his team, guided by NEF Chairman Dr. Appu Kuttan, developed IT and Business courses that have been successfully completed by several thousand students worldwide since 2012. He and his team at SUNY also provide course completion certificates.



MISE (Million Indians STEM Education) program

The goal of the NEF program in India is to train and certify  One Million Indian college/school students and youth in STEM+ during 2019 -2020, and increase the number of trainees every year!

India is blessed with a unique advantage over other countries, namely, the Demographic Dividend! The  Indian employers need millions of qualified STEM+ employees. Industry estimates indicate that only a quarter of all college graduates are employable. It is hard to believe that a country, where half of the  population is under age 25, is facing a skilled STEM labor shortage! Indian employers find it time-consuming and expensive to first select suitable employees and then up-skill them for jobs.

The MISE  project offers high-quality, affordable STEM+ Skills online training to prospective employees nationally in high-demand IT and Soft Skills certification programs, giving everyone in India an equal opportunity to get good IT and Soft Skills jobs, and help India to maintain its status as a global IT leader – the twin missions of this visionary project.

NEF founder Dr. Appu Kuttan is an internationally-renowned expert in improving national socio-economic programs using his proprietary Management By Systems (MBS), Happy and Holistic Executive practices and empowerment through digital education. He is the ‘father of Cyberlearning’ (coined the word) and founder of the nonprofit National Education Foundation (NEF), the U.S. and global nonprofit leader in bridging the digital, academic and employment divides.

In the early 80’s, he advised former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in developing India’s vision to become an IT power.

In the mid and late 80’s, as the owner and Chairman of the World-famous  Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, he created the ‘Total Tennis’ system, and helped to develop three World tennis champions – Andre Agassi, Monica Seles and Jim Courier.

In 1989, he founded NEF in Washington, D.C Metro Area, USA. In 1993, NEF became operational with the encouragement of President Bill Clinton  and Intel Chairman Dr. Gordon Moore, with funds donated by Dr. Kuttan from the proceeds of the tennis academy sale to IMG, the multi-billion dollar sports management global leader. NEF set a goal of training millions of disadvantaged students and adults in IT and business skills via digital education. Having achieved that vision in the U.S. and  other countries including training tens of thousands of Mauritians in digital literacy through Mauritius Prime Minister’s Universal ICT Initiative. Dr. Kuttan launched this MISE project to fulfill a promise he made to former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi years ago — coming back to India to train a million Indians and providing them high quality educational opportunities leading to jobs!


1. Partnership with corporations/other  entities in India and U.S: NEF will provide complimentary IDs giving access  to all its 5,500+ top quality online Web-based IT/Business courses (used by global leaders such as Wipro and Lockheed Martin) to corporations/other  entities in India and U.S., followed by proposals for providing online/blended  learning (online +classroom) training for their employees at about 30-70% savings in their training costs. NEF would then agree to sponsor  an equal number of college students/graduates in an Indian college/locality of interest to them by giving scholarships in their name at a cost of Rs. 1,250 or US $25 per contest participant, paid by NEF. Thus, the sponsors save 30-70% of their training costs, and receive 100% PR and publicity in India at no cost.

2. NEF Grant: 

NEF’s current grant total for the MISE project amounts to Rs. 500 crores or US $100 million. NEF hopes to raise Rs. 125 crores or US $25 million by providing training to companies/other entities as described above.

This way, NEF can fund the whole MISE project without asking for donations or grants from corporations, governments or other entities.

3. Placement Assistance will be provided through reputed consultants/job portals or through participating employers.

4. Students will study the course materials, use exam prep materials at the MISE centers at participating colleges/training centers and take the exams at the authorized test centers at their convenience.

5. The MISE  website’s database of certified participants in MOS  and ADA will provide real time updates on participants, their scores and ranking by locations. With the permission of the participants, this information will be provided to prospective employers.


  • 50-70% saving in training cost
  • Fulfillment of corporate social responsibility (CSR) at no cost
  • Enormous positive PR and publicity in their area in interest in India at no cost
  • Enormous national and global positive PR and publicity at no cost


  • Better employment opportunities for their students
  • Improved reputation


  • Equal opportunity to get training, certification and possible job placement assistance at no fee


  • Preparing and providing equal employment opportunities for a million Indians, especially women, minorities and other disadvantaged segments of the population
  • Helping to keep India at the top of the highly competitive global IT arena
  • Improve the living standard for a million Indians, their families and communities
  • Helping to develop a most cost-effective model for reducing global terrorism by training and providing job opportunities for educated unemployed youngsters, thus preventing them from becoming terrorist thinkers and leaders


The differentiators of this MISE Initiative are:

  • Holistic systems-based total solution (training-certification-employment  assistance)
  • High-quality cost-effective program
  • Universally recognized certifications
  • Leveling the playing field for all (bridging the divides)
  • National focus
  • An exemplary model of a US-India public-private sector partnership
  • Win-Win-Win-Win concept: employers win by saving training, certification and recruitment costs while earning positive PR and publicity at no cost; NEF wins by meeting its mission of bridging divides, empowering people and making a difference in the lives of a million persons; communities and India win by improving the living standards; and most importantly a million people and their families win with a higher quality life.

Moreover, this is a replicable model applicable to other IT and non-IT (for example Project Management) certifications and most-in-demand jobs in India.


For more information on the India initiative: Call 703-823-9999